3 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

Marketing Consultants,II4SEE Retail Solutions

We are Sales & Marketing Consultants, specializing in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. We understand Shopper & Consumer Needs and we are able to turn Insights into Actions that will grow your Brand and the respective Category for the Retailer.
We are a small, dynamic team based in central London (Southbank, behind the Tate Modem) and we are working on local, regional and global Shopper Marketing projects with both FMCG Companies and Retailers.

We thrive on challenges, problem solving and motivating teams in order to deliver long- and short-term results. Michail Psaltakis, our Managing Director has a clear record of successfully implementing business transformation, change management and profit enhancement in more than 20 countries across Europe (Western and Eastern), SE Asia and Latin America during a 15-year international Sales & Marketing career at Unilever. We are offering 3 'Retail' & 2 'Cat Man' Solutions aiming to improve a Brand’s Visibility & Availability in-store while growing profitably the respective Category for the Retailer.
Click on the product logos on the left and right side menus (Growth Accelerator, Trade Motivator, Price Calculator, Store Connector and Shelf Attractor) to learn more.
We are also offering 2 'Design' Solutions (Promo Activator and Brand Communicator) for delivering Activation Platforms, Point-of-Sales Material creation, Multimedia Presentations and Below the Line Digital/Print Communication

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